Young Britannia Needs You!

danielle porteous | October 22, 2015


 Young Britannia, a brand you may know and love for bringing that well loved British edge to the style of the streets, uniting the youths of today with their heritage, fashion and a passion for where they're from.


Now, YB has taken things up a notch with a total re brand. Whilst the same values remain at the core of this creative business, you can expect things to be a little different too! Yes we will still be uniting the youths of Britain through their heritage and through their passion for a unique and edgy British style. Yes we will still be keeping the creative juices flowing, constantly producing products that help you to represent your home, show off your country all whilst keeping ahead of the latest fashion trends. But what else can you expect?


More interaction will be the key focus for YB. We're all about uniting the youths of Britain, but how about communicating with them too? As you can probably tell from this post, we've relaunched our blog. Blogging has taken the world by storm, and we find it's an incredibly useful platform to communicate with the youths of today. So we'll be communicating with fashion and style bloggers too, working with people who know the in's and out's of the industry and want to get involved with one of Britains greatest up and coming brands (us, of course!). You can also expect more events from us, festivals, parties and the like! What better way to interact with clients than on a face to face basis? 


We want YB to get to the top of the game in terms of the fashion industry, we want to throw the coolest events, the most banging of parties and produce the most creative and innovative designed products that we can! But we can't do it alone. 


There's no 'I' in team, but there is a 'You' in Young Britannia- and it's YOU that we need! 

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